Web Filtering and Reporting - CyBlock ISA
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Web Filtering Plug-in for ISA / TMG Server

Functional Features

  • Productivity Protection. Block social networks, shopping, sports and more.
  • RealTimePlus Filtering. Discover the perfect fusion of list technology with real-time analysis.
  • White List Functionality. Create ‘allowable’ lists for users and groups.
  • Employee-Focused Reporting. Get accurate, actionable Web-use reports.
  • Comprehensive Coverage. Filter over 500 million Web pages in 74 categories.
  • Personalized Web Policy Support. Tailor CyBlock to fit your specific policy.

Technical Features

  • ISA Server and TMG Plug-in. Integrate easily with your ISA 2004, 2006 or TMG Server(s).
  • Bandwidth Protection. Block Web sites that consume the most bandwidth.
  • Security Assurance. Protect against spyware, malware, public proxies, etc.
  • Active Directory Support. Integrate seamlessly with Active Directory.
  • Daily List Updates. Stay on top of the latest Web 2.0 trends with automatic updates.
  • Minimal-Effort Administration. Install, set up and maintain with ease.
  • Array Configuration Support. Manage multi-location configurations from one server.
  • Superior Support Services. Access our knowledgable support staff and services.
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