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New Release - Version 9.1.1 for CyBlock Software Now Available


  • Applying Policies to IDs in Ungrouped IDs. Ungrouped IDs policies are now applied to IDs that are automatically added to that group from the proxy. Previously, the Default policy was being applied.
  • Scheduling the List Download. The list is now downloaded at the correct time of day when “AM” is selected. Previously, it was being downloaded at the corresponding “PM” time of day.
  • Running Reports. This includes the following changes:
    • Reports can now be run in a different language for a custom time frame. Previously, running reports for a custom time frame in some languages produced an unparseable date error.
    • If import data has been deleted and there are available log files, the Status on the Reports List page will indicate that jobs are running and the number of jobs ahead of you in the queue. Previously, the page showed “Not Found,” but the report was eventually generated.
    • Audit reports no longer show hits from secure sites when run for “Visits Only” and SSL Inspection is turned on.
  • PAC File. This includes the following changes:
    • The PAC File Configuration screen time-out has been increased to 30 seconds.
    • In the IPs/Domains box, the exceptions are now sorted when you first access the screen. New exceptions are added to the bottom. If you refresh the screen, the additions will be properly sorted.
    • When you view the PAC file, the exceptions or bypass URLs are also properly sorted.


CyBlock Software upgrades are free to current Wavecrest customers. To download your update, log on at CyBlock Software Downloads.


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