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New Release - Version 9.0.5 for CyBlock Software Now Available

Customers Upgrading to Version 9.0.5

Note the following:

  • Get more information on this upgrade that includes a redesigned user interface and enhanced functionality at http://www.wavecrest.net/support/announcements.html.
  • Go to the Downloads Web site page to download version 9.0.5 for your product. You will not be able to upgrade through the Product Update screen in CyBlock version 6.8.3a.
  • If your product is still using List 6 or List 7, you will need to download the latest list to generate reports or modify categories. After upgrading, be sure to download the list when prompted.
  • Existing interactive reports will have to be regenerated using the Reports Manager.


  • Web Blocking Message. This includes the following changes:
    • “Coaching” has been added to the Tokens drop down in the Message Editor.
    • For the Redirect option, a note is displayed indicating that the URL for the blocking message must include http://.
    • Go to Web Management - Filter - Categories to access this page.
  • SSL Inspection. The URL live.mozillamessaging.com has been added from the URL List to the list of domains to be tunneled and cannot be deleted from the domain list. Go to Settings - Proxy - SSL Inspection to access this page.
  • E-Mail Settings. The ability to use e-mail server authentication has been added to the page. If authentication is required, you can now enter the e-mail server user name and password. Go to Settings - E-Mail to access this page.


  • Real-Time Web Monitor. You can now enter an ID (i.e., user name or IP address) in the Search for IDs field that does not exist in your groups and IDs. The ID may also contain a wildcard, e.g., *name, name*, or 10.10.10.*.
  • PAC File. The PAC file is now hosted on your proxy port (http) and is handled properly even if Secure Browser is enabled. Previously, the PAC file did not load properly when the browser was using SSL connections.
  • Wavecrest URL List. The URL List now displays the correct category for a custom URL. Previously, the category “Other” was being displayed due to a caching issue.
  • Modify/Delete Logon Account. You can now use a scroll bar when logon accounts exceed the length of the box. Logon accounts are also now sorted in the box.


CyBlock Software upgrades are free to current Wavecrest customers. To download your update, log on at CyBlock Software Downloads.


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