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Get a FREE personalized audit of enterprise bandwidth usage--includes Web use and even cloud services information! Take advantage of this informative opportunity by filling out the request form today!

Today, 70% of enterprise bandwidth usage is not work-related. Now is the time to discover the information needed to determine where and how your company’s current bandwidth is being used, including today’s important cloud application services, and whether measures need to be taken to reduce the amount of consumption!

Bandwidth-usage analysis and management can:

  • Protect your mission-critical operations such as cloud services.
  • When managed, there is no need to purchase additional expensive bandwidth.
  • Monitor and throttle bandwidth-intensive sites being visited that not only hog enterprise bandwidth but potentially pose security risks.

Wavecrest Computing would be pleased to perform a comprehensive Bandwidth Audit of your Web use at no cost to you. This includes:

  • A discussion on the bandwidth issues prevalent today from noncritical Web activity such as personal Internet surfing and media streaming.
  • A description of the audit process starting from the analysis of your log files to conclusions drawn by our Technical Support team.
  • Findings in the form of reports and charts to give you some insight into your enterprise bandwidth usage.
  • An overview of network bandwidth utilization by categories and Web sites.
  • Results of our analysis, our conclusions, and recommendations to mitigate the bandwidth problems in your network.

The Bandwidth Audit will uncover any non-work-related and business-related Web activity that may be causing network latency or slowdowns, spot spikes that could indicate excessive data use, identify which categories have the most visits triggering high bandwidth usage, and identify which bandwidth-intensive sites are being visited, hogging enterprise bandwidth, and could pose security risks.

*Customer information sent to us is treated as totally confidential, and data provided is destroyed immediately after use, never stored.

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