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Top Categories Trend by Visits

 Top Categories Trend by Visits

Heatmap - Web Visits by Hour

 Heatmap Web Visits By Hour

Trend - User Visit Activity

 Trend User Compare Visit Activity

Table - User Session Audit Report

 User Session Audit

Pie Chart - Top App/Site by Time

 Pie Chart Top App/Site by Time

Top Chart - Domains by Visits

 Top Chart - Domains by Visits

Top Chart - User by Category Visits

 Top Chart User by Category Visits

Top Table - App/Site by Time

 Top Table App/Site by Time

Top Table - User by Time

 Top Table User by Time

Table - User Audit Detail

 Table User Audit Detail

Table - App/Site Audit Detail

 Table App/Site Audit Detail

Table - Audit - Search Terms

 Table Audit Search Terms

Pie Chart - Microsoft 365 Top Users

 Microsoft 365 Top Users

Top Chart - Microsoft 365 Top Operations

 Microsoft 365 Top Operations

Table - Microsoft 365 OneDrive Audit

 Microsoft 365 OneDrive Audit

Table - Microsoft 365 User Logon Audit

 Microsoft 365 User Logon Audit

Top VPN User Report

 Top VPN User Report

VPN User Audit Detail Report

 VPN User Audit Detail Report
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What our customers are saying about our Support Team:

"I’ve been working with computers for 31 years, and I’d have to say that Wavecrest Computing has provided me with the best support ever. I am totally amazed at how knowledgeable and competent support is and how quickly they respond. Wavecrest support is in a class by itself! I didn’t think support like this was available today. Kudos!"

–Diane Petrie, Swimwear Anywhere Inc.

"Thanks so much - the great thing about Wavecrest has always been the support that we get."

–Jan Hughes, EPPC - Environmental Public Protection Cabinet under State of Kentucky

"I had some minor difficulties with importing users in groups from the Active Directory (A.D.), but Wavecrest Support was quick to supply a fix and answer my questions regarding reporting features. I took the approach that I could read the manual but I wanted answers fast. Wavecrest Support and Sales were very helpful in answering all my questions."

–Mick Montgomery, Wescast Industries Inc., Canada

"Last week I had a problem with our proxy stopping every 10 minutes or so. I called Microsoft and we pinpointed the problem to the CyBlock filter. I e-mailed the tech support people at Wavecrest. Within a couple of hours I had a response and a temporary fix. Later in the week I received a call from one of your programmers, who asked for my help in determining the cause of the original issue. The point of this is that I was pleased with the support I received for the product. No product works all the time. When it doesn't it is good to know there is someone there to help locate the problem and to fix it. I put a high value on good technical support. No product is complete without it."

–Phil Niles, Cottingham and Butler, Iowa

"Support was great during the evaluation period and continues even after purchase."

–Richard Poworski, Saskatchewan Government Insurance, Canada

"Please convey my thanks to the team that provided me with assistance during my evaluation of your product. Their assistance was fantastic and thereby instrumental in my decision to purchase Cyfin Reporter."

–Paul Canterbury, Crown Casino, Australia

"One final thing - your e-mail address for reporting sites is amazing - normally other vendors give you an automatic 'Dear Joe,' - I got a personal reply with the guys aiming to get the sites I was particularly interested in (our own at and into the category list and on your servers within 24hrs in time for Friday's update - simply amazing."

–Dave Parkin, Imperial Cancer Research, London

"Thanks for getting back to me. I completely agree, we provide you the information and you make my life easier on reports. This service is wonderful!"

–Craig Richard, Availant, Massachusetts

"A lot of the sites were categorized "other" (unidentified sites). This dropped from 63% to 18%. Thanks!

–Kris Desment, Compu-Clearing, South Africa

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