Unveiling User Intent: Decoding Authentic Online Actions

  • Provides visibility into actual user action.
  • Cleans and preprocesses data to remove noise and inconsistencies.
  • Supports diverse data sources: Firewalls, Cloud Services, Active Directory, etc.
  • Extensive library of prebuilt reports and dashboards to select from.
  • Real-time data processing pipelines to provide quick insights and responses.
  • Ingests and analyzes high-volume data over long periods of time.
Cyfin Reporter
CyBlock Web Filtering

Secure Web Filtering, Monitoring & Reporting

  • Advanced Employee Web Filtering.
  • Comprehensive User Reporting.
  • Control Bandwidth Usage.
  • Manage Employee Cloud Usage.
  • Easy to Setup and Use.
  • Most Competitive Tiered Pricing.
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