NEW - Visualize your data through highly configurable charts and tables.


  • Visualize your data through highly configurable charts, tables, and more.
  • Easily connect to a variety of data sources.
  • Provides immediate high level information when and how you need it.
  • Reduce the volume of data to review by using proprietary algorithm.
  • Create custom reports that provide management with exactly what they need.
Visualizer Dashboard


Visualizer Dashboard

Easily Visualize Your Data


  • Create, design, modify, view your own custom dashboards.
  • Each dashboard can be comprised of multiple report panels.
  • Create multiple custom dashboard "Tabs" each with a unique view and name.
  • Resize panels to your desired height and width.
  • Arrange panels by drag and drop, exactly where you want them.

Report Panels

  • Easily connect to a variety of data sources.
  • Select the type of chart, table, or map you want to add.
  • Easily view and select your data source fields as dimensions & metrics.
  • Preview panels in real time as you build and customize.
  • Remove unwanted information by defining panel filters.
Visualizer Dashboard

Report Panels

Visualizer Dashboard


Real-time Updates

  • Real-time monitoring allows you to track performance over time.
  • Identifies bandwidth hogs in real time and provides trending.
  • Up-to-date knowledge on how your network is being used saves time and money.
  • View information on-the-fly with a simple change of time frame or a click to refresh.
  • Visibility right when you need it, in an easy-to-decipher chart or table.

Visualizer Complete Insight into Internet and Cloud Service Activity


Visualizer Dashboard

Top Categories Trend by Visits

Visualizer Top Categories Trend by Visits

Heatmap - Web Visits by Hour

Visualizer Heatmap Web Visits By Hour

Trend - User Visit Activity

Visualizer Trend User Compare Visit Activity

Pie Chart - Top App/Site by Time

Visualizer Pie Chart Top App/Site by Time

Top Chart - Domains by Visits

Visualizer Top Chart - Domains by Visits

Top Chart - User by Category Visits

Visualizer Top Chart User by Category Visits

Top Table - App/Site

Visualizer Top Table App/Site by Time

Table - User Audit Detail

Visualizer Table User Audit Detail
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Charts and Reports
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Manager Access and Collaboration

  • Managers have access only to their own data authorized by IT.
  • Each manager can customize panels and dashboards to suit their needs.
  • Provides the ability to print dashboards and/or individual report panels.
  • Managers have the ability to share the information with stakeholders and collaborate on results.
Visualizer Restricted Manager Access

Manager Access and Collaboration

Visualizer Dashboard Video

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