CyBlock Hybrid

Advanced Employee Web Filtering and Monitoring Hybrid Deployment

Cover your distributed workforce with a local CyBlock install for office locations and CyBlock Cloud for remote and roaming users.

The CyBlock Hybrid Difference

Secure Web Content Filter

Secure Web Content Filter

  • Manage real-time Web traffic.
  • Optimized SSL Inspection.
  • Limit employees' time online.
  • Restrict or allow certain sites.

Virtual and Distributed Workforce

Virtual and Distributed Workforce

  • Highly elastic and adaptable.
  • Easily scale to all offices and users.
  • Fits today’s distributed workforce.
  • Perimeter-less Coverage.

Extensive Report Library

Extensive Report Library

  • Large library of prebuilt reports.
  • Start using impactful reports instantly.
  • Easily distribute ready-to-use reports.
  • Quickly create custom reports.
  • Dramatically reduce time to analyze.

Policy and Compliance Management

Policy and Compliance Management

  • Ensure the human factor is managed.
  • Enforce Acceptable Use Policy.
  • Verify compliance to CIPA & HIPAA.
  • Continuous improvement process.

Hybrid Deployment Option

  • Supports CyBlock hardware and virtual environments.
  • Pair your local installation(s) of CyBlock with your cloud account.
  • Extend employee Web filtering and monitoring to your entire distributed workforce.
CyBlock Hybrid Hybrid Deployment Options

Advanced Filtering Scheduler

Advanced Filtering Features

  • Apply a filtering schedule by day, hour, or half hour.
  • Block general video streaming while allowing approved videos.
  • Block prohibited search terms from being searched.
  • Enable the Safe Search feature in all browsers.
  • Fully inspect or “tunnel” secure Web traffic (HTTPS).

Web Content Filtering

  • Filter based on the Website content category.
  • Configure policy exceptions for different users and groups.
  • Use white & black lists to restrict or allow access to certain sites.
  • Enable users to bypass a blocking action with coaching.
Web Content Filtering

Web Content Filtering

CyBlock Hybrid Managing Productivity and Time Online

Productivity & Time Online

Managing Productivity & Time Online

  • Application and Website reports with session duration.
  • Monitoring productivity and usage of company web services.
  • Easily see how much time users are spending online.
  • See time online by friendly Website name, not by ambiguous Domain Name.
  • Accurately identify actual user clicks, providing managers with clear, useful data.

Additional Features & Exceptional Support: Quick Overview

  • Manage bandwidth usage and receive alerts when thresholds are reached.
  • Schedule and automate URL report distribution.
  • Seamlessly integrates with AD for secure, efficient management.
  • U.S.-based expert technical support team.
  • In-depth product knowledge for superior assistance.
  • Committed to your success with comprehensive trial support.

Find the Right Cloud Deployment

Full CyBlock Cloud Deployment Option

Easy-to-launch cloud-based service applied regardless of employee location. Hosted and managed by Wavecrest, this option provides perimeter-less filtering and reporting coverage for all users - remote, roaming, flexible, and transitioning. Making this a popular choice for today’s distributed workforce environment.

Learn More

CyBlock Hybrid Cloud Deployment Option

Seamlessly integrate on-premises and cloud services for comprehensive web filtering and reporting. Ensure consistent policy enforcement for all users, whether they're onsite, remote, or on the move in hotels and airports.

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CyBlock Cloud Lite Deployment Option

Focused on simplicity and economy, our filtering-only solution is ideal for those who prioritize web security without the need for detailed reporting. Offering full cloud filtering capabilities, it's perfect for businesses with remote, roaming, or transitioning employees, providing proactive protection at an attractive price point.

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Why CyBlock Hybrid

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