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Wavecrest offers a range of support services at no extra charge.

The Wavecrest Way. In today’s net-centric organization, an effective and up-to-date Internet usage management program is a must. But it doesn’t just happen. When one exists, it’s most likely the result of close and continuous collaboration between the organization and a capable vendor that specializes in Internet usage management solutions.

Wavecrest Computing is such a vendor. Its staff: 

  • Understands and has dealt with the full range of technical issues related to Internet usage management systems.
  • Understands the human and business challenges related to Internet usage management.
  • Is willing and able to support the customer’s program from beginning to end.

Even though our products are easy to use and administer, these three overarching qualities are essential to help customers keep their usage management programs current and effective. 

Wavecrest’s Support Services Concept. Based on these qualities, we furnish our customers with more than just a product. We provide them a long-term package that combines a cost-effective product with free support services whose priority is equal to that of product design. These services are available throughout the free product evaluation period.

Accessibility. From the Company’s headquarters in Florida, easy-to-reach Wavecrest personnel provide a range of technical and functional support services. They are designed to:  

  • Maximize technical performance during the product’s entire life cycle.
  • Help customers implement and optimize their Internet usage management programs from a functional policy-support perspective. 

Our technical and functional specialists are ready to provide any or all of these services to prospective and current customers at any time. Specific services are listed below. 

Support via Telephone, Live Chat, and E-Mail. Technical and customer support representatives are available to answer questions about product setup, policy support usage, technical issues, and more via phone, live chat, and e-mail at no cost.

Product Installation Support. Although our products are easy to install and integrate, a technical specialist will be available to help you ensure a smooth startup.

Product Documentation. Each product includes built-in interactive Help that walks you through basic setup and usage steps. Complete user manuals are also provided.

Online Knowledge Base. Our knowledge base provides immediate 24/7 support to our global customer base. Customers will be able to quickly find the answers they are looking for. It comes with an enhanced search tool that shows relevant results as you type.

Product Upgrades. Product upgrades are included in the cost of your annual license.

Online Web Conference. This valuable customer communications tool enables our Support staff to more easily and quickly address any product-related questions, provide assistance with setup, and/or troubleshoot technical issues. We also use it to demonstrate the product and provide product evaluators a better understanding of the functionality.

Categorization List Updates. Updates to Wavecrest's URL List are available for download on a daily basis.

OtherWise Program (Reports Enhancement and Optimization). The centerpiece of our continuous support services concept is a program we call “OtherWise.” Under this voluntary and confidential arrangement, we work individually with customers to maximize the number and percentage of Web sites that the Wavecrest product identifies and categorizes. The program focuses on sites that are of particular interest to the individual organization and/or are popular with its workforce.

The Bottom Line: Put Us to the Test. We’re convinced that our support services approach can help you implement a truly high quality, cost-effective Internet usage management program.

 But that’s really for you to decide. 

To do so, we invite you to contact us personally at any time to gain a fuller understanding of what we offer, or you can visit our Web site and download a product for a free evaluation. When you do the latter, you can try our services as well as the product. When you do, we believe you’ll end up agreeing that "the Wavecrest way" is right for you. Give us a try.

Read what our customers say about us.

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"When I seek out a company to provide a product or service, I want it all -- a great product, a great price, a salesperson that is responsive and treats me like I am their only customer, and technical support that is intelligent, easy to access, and easy to understand. Wavecrest meets all of these criteria."

-Karleen Carlson, IT Manager, Van Diest Supply Company
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