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CyBlock App for iOS

Wavecrest Computing is pleased to provide our CyBlock Cloud customers with CyBlock App. CyBlock App enables you to easily manage and enforce your corporate AUP on all iOS devices.

New Release - Version 2.0 for CyBlock App Now Available


  • Compatibility With iOS 8. The App now works with iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.
  • User Interface. The user interface has been updated to match the iOS 8 UI for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
  • Blocking Messages. The Web blocking message and blocked extension messages have been added to the App.
  • Search Capability. The ability to perform a search from the search bar has been added. The App will use Google to search for the text that you enter.
  • Internet Connection Status. An alert is now displayed when an Internet connection has not been established.


  • Set As Home Page. When a Web page is set as a Home page, you can now open that page by clicking the Home icon. Previously, this was not working.
  • URLs With a Trailing Space. The App now handles URLs containing a trailing space.
  • App Settings. This includes the following changes:
    • The App Settings screen now opens automatically if your password is not set. Previously, you would be prompted for a password if your password was not set.
    • The password prompt is now displayed on startup if a connection to the server could not be established. Previously, the App Settings screen would be displayed.
    • The App now handles any invalid characters that are entered in the text fields on the screen.


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