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CyBlock ISA/TMG Support FAQs

Answers to common questions users have regarding CyBlock ISA/TMG.

Q1.  When connecting to the browser interface, I am prompted for a login and password. What is the default login and password?
A1.  login:  admin  password:  password

Q2.  How do I know the CyBlock filtering plug-in is functioning?
A2.  Go to Administration - System Information - Filter Status. You can verify the filter plug-in is working properly. You can also attempt to access a known blocked Web site and see if you get the blocking message page.

Q3.  My ISA/TMG server is not functioning properly, and I want to eliminate CyBlock as the culprit. How do I disable the CyBlock Web Filter from my ISA/TMG server? 
A3.  You can disable the CyBlock Web Filter software without uninstalling the product. Please do the following:

1.  In your ISA/TMG Management console, go to Extensions - Web Filters.
2.  Right-click Wavecrest Web Filter, select disable, and then choose the option to restart the Web Proxy service (the ISA Web Proxy service will stop/start at this point).
3.  In your Windows Service Manager, stop the CyBlock service.

CyBlock is completely disassociated with your ISA/TMG server in any way now. If your issues persist, CyBlock is not the cause. If your symptoms disappear, please contact Wavecrest Support directly.

Q4.  I am currently configuring a replacement for my existing ISA/TMG server. Is there any way to transfer my running CyBlock configuration on the old machine to the new one?
A4.  You can move the following files over to the new location after first stopping the CyBlock service: ...\wc\cyblock\db\policies.xml (this will move any policies you have configured), ...\wc\cyblock\db\gai (this will move all your groups and IDs), ...\wc\cyblock\db\custCats\* (this will move over any custom categories you have), and ...\wc\cyblock\db\accessaccounts.xml along with ...\wc\cyblock\db\wcuck.cfg (this will move over any access accounts you created).

Then restart. All other configurations should be completed on the new system (license, log file, scheduled reports, etc).

Q5.  Can I use the ISA server's default MSDE-formatted logs for my reports?
A5.  Yes, starting with version 5.7.1 CyBlock can link directly to your MSDE database! All that is necessary is to run a couple of scripts beforehand, which is clearly explained when you select Microsoft ISA Server, MSDE database as your log file type under Logfiles - Setup.

Q6.  While trying to do an install of the CyBlock program on a Windows Server 2003 SP1 machine, the installer starts then just stops? Event viewer showed a "Dr. Watson error." What is happening, and how can I install CyBlock?
A6.  SP1 on Windows Server 2003 automatically installs and sets Data Execution Prevention or "DEP." It is software that Microsoft has integrated with Windows to stop viruses from installing. You will need to allow InstallAnywhere to be executed on this machine. You can do that at the following location on Windows Server 2003:

1.  Right-click My Computer, select Properties, and go to the Advanced - Performance/Settings - Data Execution tab.
2.  Click Add and locate the installation package you have downloaded from our Web site. Select the check box for InstallAnywhere... Click Apply.

You should now be able to install the product!

Q7.  How do I get reports sent automatically to specific people via e-mail? 
A7.  Go to the Advanced Settings - Groups and IDs - Modify screen. Here you can highlight a group and enter e-mail address(es) of the person(s) who should receive reports that are run on that group. Do this in the text box below the group selection. Click Submit at the bottom of the page after each change to save the setting. Now, when you run a report and select the "e-mail report to group's recipients" option, it will send the report to the person(s) you specified here. You can also schedule reports to be run and sent via e-mail to these individuals. Note:  To enter more than one e-mail address per group, use a semicolon delimiter.

Q8.  How do you get an accurate accounting of the actual time users spent on the Internet?
A8.  HTTP requests are not like phone calls where you connect to another caller and the call ends when you hang up the phone. That type of connection could easily be calculated. An HTTP browser request simply asks for the Web page and gets the response, and all communication stops there. Now, what is happening on the browser end is anybody's guess. Is the user looking at the page, or is the user doing e-mail with the page minimized in his browser? Did he go to a meeting or out to lunch? Because of these variables, the default time for a Web page "visit" in reports has been set to 3 seconds. This is the approximate minimum amount of time it takes to load a Web page. Read more about the importance of reliable metrics when using Web-use monitoring software.

Q9.  Is there any way to exclude users from showing in reports? 
A9.  Yes. Move users that you do not wish to see in reports to the VIP group. Their activity will not appear in any CyBlock ISA/TMG reports if they are a member of this group. Note:  If you import users into the product from Active Directory, make sure that on the Advanced Settings - Groups and IDs - Import - Setup screen, you have "Inside the Product" selected in order to use the VIP group.

Q10.  I want some people to be able to run reports on their departments, but I don't want them to be able to change product settings I have made. Is this possible?
A10.  Yes. Create "Operator" accounts for them by going to the Administration - Access Accounts - Create screen. When they log on, they will see report screens but not menus that involve product administration.

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