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New Release - Version 9.2.0.a for CyBlock Software Now Available


  • Application Controls. With the now secure YouTube site (https), specific videos can be allowed with the TV/Video Streaming category blocked. Previously, allowed YouTube videos did not load properly with secure YouTube connections.
  • Safe Search for Bing. When Safe Search and SSL Inspection are enabled, adult content is now properly blocked in Bing search results. Previously, this was not working consistently.
  • Single Compressed Report. An e-mail is now received with the attached compressed report if a single report is being e-mailed. Previously, the Compress Reports for E-Mail report option did not work when only one report was e-mailed.
  • Scheduled Deletion of Imported Data. The correct message is now displayed when the Scheduler Enable option is selected and submitted on the Data Management - Report Database - Delete - Schedule screen. Previously, when you selected Enable, the proper message was displayed but switched to the message for the Disable option when you clicked Submit.
  • Logon Accounts. Previously, logon accounts were inadvertently limited to five. This has been corrected.


CyBlock Software upgrades are free to current Wavecrest customers. To download your update, log on at CyBlock Software Downloads.


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