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CyBlock Software Support FAQs

Answers to common questions users have regarding CyBlock Software.

Q1.  When connecting to the browser interface, I am prompted for a login and password. What is the default login and password?
A1.  login:  admin  password:  password

Q2.  I've just installed CyBlock Software, but the status simply reads "no valid log files found." How do I configure/create log files?
A2.  CyBlock Software will automatically create logs when data is available. Configure your browser to go through the proxy and surf out to the Web. You will see logs being created in the ...\wc\cyblock\log directory. You will then be able to run a report on that log file.

Q3.  I installed CyBlock Software on one XP pro machine, went to another XP pro machine on the domain, and changed its proxy settings in IE to point to the CyBlock Software machine. Although I tried using the IP address and then the machine name of the CyBlock Software machine, I still could not get an Internet connection on the second machine. Why?
A3.  It is most likely that you have the Windows Firewall up and running on the XP machine (that is the default with Service Pack 2). If so, either disable the firewall or create an exception in it for port 8080.

Q4.  Why can't users load a particular Web site now that I have them going through the proxy? And for some sites they are getting prompted for a login and password, which I don't want to occur. 
A4.  There are various possible reasons for Web sites not to load correctly. It could be an issue with authentication, DNS, or the site itself.

Q5.  What are my options for changing the blocking message that users see?
A5.  You can either edit the default file (...wc/cyblock/db/StdBlkMsg.htm) or you can redirect the product to an HTML page of your own. After editing the file or creating your own blocking page with a URL, go to the Advanced Settings - Filter Settings - Web Blocking Message screen. If you simply edited the default file, then click Submit for it to go into effect. If you need to redirect the product to your own page, then select the Redirect To option, and type in the full URL, e.g., http://yourURLredirect.com. After that, click Submit.

Q6.  Is it possible to block file extensions for certain users but allow them for others? For example, let admins access .exe files, but block general employees from doing so?
A6.  Yes. You can create blocking policies for file extensions on the Advanced Settings - Filter Settings - Block Web Content screen. Simply assign the appropriate individuals to the policy you want for them.

Q7.  Is it possible to change the proxy server port?
A7.  Yes. You can change the CyBlock Software server port by editing the ...\wc\cyblock\db\cbs.cfg file. Look for the keyword SAP_COMMUNICATION_PORT=8080 and change it to the appropriate value (port number).

Q8.  Can I block (or allow) a single Web site, but still allow (or block) other sites that are in the same category?
A8.  Yes. You can add a domain (www.ebay.com) to a custom category (Advanced Settings - Category Setup - Edit URLs), and then block (or allow) that custom category in your blocking policy (Advanced Settings - Filter Settings - Block Web Categories).

Q9.  How do you get an accurate accounting of the actual time users spent on the Internet?
A9.  HTTP requests are not like phone calls where you connect to another caller and the call ends when you hang up the phone. That type of connection could easily be calculated. An HTTP browser request simply asks for the Web page and gets the response, and all communication stops there. Now, what is happening on the browser end is anybody's guess. Is the user looking at the page, or is the user doing e-mail with the page minimized in his browser? Did he go to a meeting or out to lunch? Because of these variables, the default time for a Web page "visit" in reports has been set to 3 seconds. This is the approximate minimum amount of time it takes to load a Web page. Read more about the importance of reliable metrics when using Web-use monitoring software.

Q10.  Is there any way to exclude users from showing in reports? 
A10.  Yes. Move users that you do not wish to see in reports to the VIP group. Although their activity will be logged by your firewall or appliance, it will not appear in any CyBlock reports if they are a member of this group. Note:  If you import users into the product from Active Directory, make sure that on the Advanced Settings - Groups and IDs - Import - Setup screen, you have "Inside the Product" selected in order to use the VIP group.

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