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Cyfin Support FAQs

Answers to common questions users have regarding Cyfin.

Q1.  When connecting to the browser interface, I am prompted for a login and password. What is the default login and password?
A1.  login:  admin  password:  password

Q2.  How do you get an accurate accounting of the actual time users spent on the Internet?
A2.  HTTP requests are not like phone calls where you connect to another caller and the call ends when you hang up the phone. That type of connection could easily be calculated. An HTTP browser request simply asks for the Web page and gets the response, and all communication stops there. Now, what is happening on the browser end is anybody's guess. Is the user looking at the page, or is the user doing e-mail with the page minimized in his browser? Did he go to a meeting, or out to lunch? Because of these variables, the default time for a Web page "visit" in reports has been set to 3 seconds. This is the approximate minimum amount of time it takes to load a Web page. Read more about the importance of reliable metrics when using Web-use monitoring software.

Q3.  Why does my report get "stuck" at 98% and not complete? 
A3.  It could be that the amount of data you have and the product setting in the Setup - Memory screen are not properly configured to process all of the URLs for this report. Go to the Setup - Memory screen and increase the amount of memory the product can use (in general, we recommend setting it to approximately half of the actual available memory on the machine). After changing it, you will need to restart the Cyfin service for it to take effect. Then retry your report, and it is likely it will complete normally.

Q4.  How can I reduce the number of sites categorized as "Other" in reports?
A4.  Take advantage of the free URL List updates that Wavecrest provides on a weekly basis. Simply schedule list updates to occur within the product on the Administration - URL List - Schedule screen. You can also get the specific URLs you see being categorized as "Other" properly categorized by participating in our voluntary OtherWise program.   

Both of these approaches help to substantially reduce the number and percentage of unidentified/uncategorized sites in reports. Learn more about our OtherWise program.

Q5.  How do I get reports sent automatically to specific people via e-mail?
A5.  Go to the Advanced Settings - Groups and IDs - Modify screen. Here you can highlight one group at a time and enter e-mail address(es) of the person(s) who should receive reports that are run on that group. Do this in the text box below the group selection. Click Submit at the bottom of the page after each change to save the setting. Now, when you run a report and select the "e-mail report to group's recipients" option, it will send the report to the person(s) you specified here. You can also schedule reports to be run and sent via e-mail to these individuals. Note:  To enter more than one e-mail address per group, use a semicolon delimiter.

Q6.  Can Cyfin support more than one different type of device's log files at a time?
A6.  Absolutely. Cyfin currently works with 100-plus different types of log files and variations of log files, and you could configure every one of them to work simultaneously in your Cyfin product. Note:  When configuring log files in the product, you have the option to read them locally or via UNC path.

Q7.  Why am I getting "No Data Found" when I run reports?
A7.  This could be for a few reasons. Some of them most likely include 1) You are running reports against  login names but are not authenticating users on your firewall/appliance (thus login names are not in the log files). Try the same report against IP addresses. Do you get data now? 2) You have the Data Manager enabled but do not have Import Data for the date range you are attempting to report on. Disable the Data Manager and rerun your report (against your log files). Do you get data now? 3) Your start and stop times might not be wide enough to capture the data you are seeking. Go back an extra day and forward an extra day and retry the report.

Q8.  I ran a report that took awhile and then inadvertently deleted it. Are reports saved elsewhere, so I don't have to wait on this report again? 
A8.  Yes. Browse to ...\wc\cf\reports\. You'll see that whether you chose to "wait for report," "e-mail report," or "save report," the reports have been saved in the appropriate directory.

Q9.  Is there any way to exclude users from showing up in reports? 
A9.  Yes. Move users that you do not wish to see in reports to the VIP group. Although their activity will be logged by your firewall or appliance, it will not appear in any Cyfin reports if they are a member of this group. Note:  If you import users into the product from Active Directory, make sure that on the Advanced Settings - Groups and IDs - Import - Setup screen, you have "Inside the Product" selected in order to use the VIP group.

Q10.  I want some people to be able to run reports on their departments, but I don't want them to be able to change product settings I have made. Is this possible?
A10.  Yes. Create "Operator" accounts for them by going to the Administration - Access Accounts - Create screen. When they log on, they will see report screens but not menus that involve product administration.

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