Cloud Access Security Broker

CyBlock provides advanced Web security, threat protection, comprehensive employee reporting, simplified management, and flexible deployment options.

Immediate Positive ROI

  • Improve Workforce Productivity - Keep users safe and focused on your business objectives.
  • Keep Your Data Safe - Secure your data and reduce the time IT spends removing malware from infected computers.
  • Less IT Administrative Time - Keep IT focused on business-critical operations.
  • Control Data Usage - Keep your mission-critical applications running smoothly.
  • Regulatory Compliance - Covers requirements such as CIPA, HIPAA, & others.
Comprehensive Employee Reporting

Comprehensive Employee Reporting

Limit Employees' Time Online

Improve Application Performance (QoS)

Key Features

  • Web Protection - Advanced Web filtering and malware protection across your distributed workforce.
  • Comprehensive Employee Reporting - Accurate, actionable, manager and compliance-ready reports.
  • Manage AUP - Control social media access and data usage.
  • Distributed Networks - Main office, remote users, and branch offices.

Three Easy Deployment Options

  • Software - Easily adapts to your network.
  • Appliance - Simple on-site turnkey solution.
  • Cloud - Quick setup and low administrative costs.
Cloud Option

Cloud Option

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