Manage Employee Cloud Usage

CyBlock helps IT securely enable the cloud services that drive productivity and innovation in their business.

Key Features

  • Total Visibility - Who is using which cloud service and how.
  • Threat Prevention - Keep out malware, phishing attacks, and more.
  • Data Security - Block unapproved cloud applications.
  • Bandwidth Optimization - Keep mission-critical cloud services running smoothly.
  • Compliance - Audit user behavior across cloud services, regardless of device.
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Real-Time Employee Bandwidth Monitor

Limit Employees' Time Online

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Total Visibility

  • Dashboard for cloud service usage.
  • Total visibility into cloud usage.
  • Which cloud services are widely used.
  • Analyze cloud service usage and identify anomaly.

Threat Prevention and Data Security

  • Protect your company in the cloud.
  • Keep out malware, Trojan horses, spyware, phishing attacks, and more.
  • Prevent crashes, slowdowns, and information theft.
Category Audit Report

Category Audit Report

Unacceptable Visits Report

Unacceptable Visits Report

User Audit Report

User Audit Report

Search Terms Audit Report

Search Terms Audit Report

Compliance and Comprehensive Employee Reporting

  • Comply with government and industry regulations such as CIPA and HIPAA.
  • Identify usage patterns; complete view of every cloud service a user visited.
  • Identify all cloud services accessed - approved and unapproved.
  • Report formats include HTML, PDF, and CSV.

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