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Answers to the most frequently asked questions about CyBlock.

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Functionality and Pricing

Technical Integration and Product Administration

Q1.  What is the difference between CyBlock Software, CyBlock Appliance, CyBlock Cloud and CyBlock ISA/TMG?
A1.  The main difference between the products is technical. CyBlock Software is software that you install on your server. CyBlock Appliance is a hardware solution that integrates seamlessly with your network configuration. CyBlock Cloud is a service that is hosted in the Cloud that requires no hardware to purchase and maintain. CyBlock ISA is a plug-in application that depends on the preexistence of Microsoft ISA 2004/2006 or TMG.

Q2.  Can I create a "white" (allow-only) list?
A2.  Yes. CyBlock allows an unlimited number of custom categories that can be used to create a white list. A white list is created by blocking all other categories and allowing users to access only the sites listed in your custom white list category. (Custom categories can also be used to monitor or block sites of special or local interest.)

Q3.  Can CyBlock tell me how long somebody has been online?
A3.  No. The fact that a user downloaded a Web page to a browser doesn't necessarily mean that he or she was actually looking at that page while it was open. After all, the user could have received a phone call, gone to lunch, attended a short-notice meeting, or been interrupted by a colleague. Also, users typically have more than one page open at a time, but only one is truly viewable, and there is no technical way to know which one. When a user clicks a URL, that action merely constitutes a one-time request for a document, and the "connection" with the server is immediately broken. There is no session, no end-of-session, and no possibility of measuring duration. Because of these variables, the default time for a Web page "visit" in reports has been set to 3 seconds. This is the approximate minimum amount of time it takes to load a Web page. Read more about the importance of reliable metrics when using Web-use monitoring software.

Q4.  Can different Web policies be created for groups?
A4.  Yes. Different Web policies can be created for groups and individual users. Customers can customize CyBlock to fit their Web policies, whether they have a universal policy or multiple policies for different groups. A VIP group is also included in CyBlock's core grouping structure, and IDs placed in this group will not show up on any reports.

Q5.  What protocols does CyBlock block?
A5. CyBlock Software, CyBlock Appliance, CyBlock Cloud, and CyBlock ISA/TMG all filter and report on Web (HTTP and HTTPS) traffic. However, CyBlock Appliance also filters and monitors non-HTTP protocols, i.e., IM, P2P, e-mail, streaming, and more, when placed inline in your network.

Q6.  Does CyBlock do anything about malware threats?
A6.  Yes. CyBlock blocks categories with Web sites that are known security threats, e.g., Malware and Shareware/Freeware. Social Networking is another category with Web sites that are known for being high security threats to company networks. View all of CyBlock's categories.

Q7.  How is CyBlock priced, i.e., is it subscription-based, priced "per seat," etc.? And can I get a free trial?
A7.  CyBlock is a licensed, subscription-based software service. Pricing is tiered, based on the number of people ("users") to be monitored. In general, the price-per-user decreases as the number of users goes up. Get a price quote and a free trial of CyBlock today.

Q8.  For CyBlock, what hardware specifications do you recommend, i.e., processor and memory?
A8.  CyBlock comes in four deployment options.

  • CyBlock Software and CyBlock ISA/TMG.  We recommend 2 GHz processor speed and a minimum of 2 GB RAM; this will ensure optimal reporting performance. Once installed, you should set the product to use at least 1 GB of that memory on the Setup - Memory screen. Note: Bear in mind that processor speed is the most important hardware factor affecting reporting speed. If you double the processor speed, the time to create a report is cut in half. Memory becomes increasingly important with larger log files.
  • CyBlock Appliance.  This deployment option comes with its own hardware. Processor speed and memory size are preset for optimum performance before the product is shipped.
  • CyBlock Cloud. No hardware is required.

Q9.  Does CyBlock require a dedicated server?
A9.  Generally, it does not, but please note the following. For CyBlock Software, CyBlock Cloud, and CyBlock ISA/TMG, the answer is “no.” However, performance may be affected if either CyBlock Software or CyBlock ISA/TMG is installed on a server that is running other processes, e.g., a memory-intensive application. For CyBlock Appliance, the product is its own server; no other server is required.

Q10.  Can CyBlock be remotely administered?
A10.  Yes. While it can be administered from a server computer ("local" administration), it can also be administered from a separate, remotely located, client computer using CyBlock's Browser Interface. This design enables CyBlock to support local and/or remote administration. In addition, CyBlock can accommodate a wide variety of complex installation configurations, including those in heterogeneous environments with multiple servers.

Q11.  Can I test CyBlock without affecting other users' Internet access?
A11.  Yes. As an administrator, you control which users’ browsers go through CyBlock’s server. For test purposes, you can configure just your browser to go through the . No other users will be affected in any way until you configure their browsers for CyBlock filtering. You get to independently test all functionality and become very familiar with CyBlock and its simplicity before moving it into production.

Q12.  Do I need any software or plug-ins on users' computers?
A12.  No. CyBlock is a server-based application. It does not require any desktop software installation for administration, filtering, or reporting. It does, however, require a minor setup change on each monitored user's browser to ensure that Web traffic is routed through CyBlock.

Q13.  What is the difference between the evaluation software and the purchased product?  If I purchase the product, will I need to reinstall?
A13.  The evaluation "mode" of CyBlock is the real product, not a special piece of evaluation software. The only difference between the evaluation mode and the licensed software is that actual URLs in adult content categories are not visible to trial users. However, reporting on activity in these categories is fully operational. Once the product is purchased, an Activation Key will be provided that will "turn on" the product, and all categories will be active. No reinstallation is required.

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