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Wavecrest Computing — CyBlock Web Security Solution

Choose the option that's right for you.

Wavecrest offers a variety of installation/setup options to best meet the needs of your particular environment.

 CloudCloud Lite 
Filter based on the Website content category 
Integrate AD Departments, Companies and Security Groups 
Configure policy exceptions for different users and groups 
Use white & black lists to restrict or allow access to certain sites 
Enable users to bypass a blocking action with coaching 
Apply a filtering schedule by day, hour, or half hour 
Block general video streaming while allowing approved videos 
Block prohibited search terms from being searched 
Enable the Safe Search feature in all browsers 
Fully inspect or “tunnel” secure Web traffic (HTTPS) 
Dashboard Reports and Charts 
Custom Reporting Templates 
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Price Quote
"CyBlock has helped my company improve productivity from our personnel by 60% since we implemented it's use within our network. This has been an invaluable tool that I'd recommend to anyone in need of filtering and blocking technology!

Thank you Wavecrest!"

-Chris Warren The Five Star Institute
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