CyBlock Cloud - Effortless Integration With ConnectWise

CyBlock Cloud filtering service for MSPs provides ConnectWise integration for MSP Partners to easily manage licenses, analyze data, and protect customers from Web-borne threats.

The CyBlock Cloud Difference

Quick Launch Setup

Quick Launch Setup

  • Deploy in minutes.
  • No software to install.
  • No hardware required.
  • Simple, secure implementation.

Cloud-Based Web Filtering

Cloud-Based Web Filtering

  • Always-on filtering.
  • User/Group filter polices.
  • Time based exceptions by day/hour.
  • Block prohibited search terms.

Virtual and Distributed Workforce

Virtual and Distributed Workforce

  • Highly elastic and adaptable.
  • Easily scale to all offices and users.
  • Fits today’s distributed workforce.
  • Perimeter-less Coverage.

Save Money

Save Money

  • No need to purchase web gateway.
  • Reduce required admin time for IT.
  • Minimize infrastructure maintenance.
  • Swift and continuous ROI.
CyBlock ConnectWise Integration

Set up ConnectWise Integration

Effortless Integration With ConnectWise

  • Quick and easy setup for ConnectWise and CyBlock integration use.
  • One click between ConnectWise and the CyBlock Cloud MSP Partner Portal.
  • No need for additional software installation.
  • Easily take advantage of ConnectWise service tickets and billing benefits.

Easily Track CyBlock Cloud Licenses

  • CyBlock will automatically populate new information into the ConnectWise interface.
  • Track & manage licenses, renewals, & more within your ConnectWise environment.
  • Increase new and recurring revenue and customer satisfaction.
CyBlock Manage Employee Cloud Usage

Track CyBlock Cloud Licenses

Advanced Filtering Scheduler

Advanced Filtering Features

  • Apply a filtering schedule by day, hour, or half hour.
  • Block general video streaming while allowing approved videos.
  • Block prohibited search terms from being searched.
  • Enable the Safe Search feature in all browsers.
  • Fully inspect or “tunnel” secure Web traffic (HTTPS).

Smart Engine with Machine-Learning Analytics

  • Makes technical data easy to consume and manager-ready.
  • Analyzes large volumes of data over long periods of time.
  • Provides rapid and superior data insights.
  • Tags associate related domains with friendly names.
CyBlock Machine-Learning Analytics

Machine-Learning Analytics

CyBlock Active Directory Integration

Active Directory Integration

Active Directory Integration

  • Seamless AD integration.
  • Securely integrate AD Departments, Companies and Security Groups.
  • Easily provide admin or manager access via AD integration.
  • Limit manager access based their configured AD groups or departments.

CyBlock Complete Insight into Internet and Cloud Service Activity


CyBlock Dashboard

Top Categories Trend by Visits

CyBlock Top Categories Trend by Visits

Heatmap - Web Visits by Hour

CyBlock Heatmap Web Visits By Hour

Trend - User Visit Activity

CyBlock Trend User Compare Visit Activity

Pie Chart - Top App/Site by Time

CyBlock Pie Chart Top App/Site by Time

Top Chart - Domains by Visits

CyBlock Top Chart - Domains by Visits

Top Chart - User by Category Visits

CyBlock Top Chart User by Category Visits

Top Table - App/Site by Time

CyBlock Top Table App/Site by Time

Top Table - User by Time

CyBlock Top Table User by Time

Table - User Audit Detail

CyBlock Table User Audit Detail

Table - App/Site Audit Detail

CyBlock Table App/Site Audit Detail

Table - Audit - Search Terms

CyBlock Table Audit Search Terms

Pie Chart - Microsoft 365 Top Users

CyBlock Microsoft 365 Top Users

Top Chart - Microsoft 365 Top Operations

CyBlock Microsoft 365 Top Operations

Table - Microsoft 365 OneDrive Audit

CyBlock Microsoft 365 OneDrive Audit

Table - Microsoft 365 User Logon Audit

CyBlock Microsoft 365 User Logon Audit

Top VPN User Report

CyBlock Top VPN User Report

VPN User Audit Detail Report

CyBlock VPN User Audit Detail Report
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Manage Employee Cloud Usage

  • Discover all cloud applications being accessed in your organization.
  • Expose both corporate-sanctioned and employee-introduced cloud services.
  • Identify risk and analyze usage of your network resources.
  • Meet security and compliance requirements while safely adopting cloud services.
CyBlock Manage Employee Cloud Usage

Manage Employee Cloud Usage

Manage Employee Cloud Usage

Advanced Threat Protection

Advanced Threat Protection

  • Keep out malware, Trojan horses, spyware, phishing attacks, and more.
  • Identify and stay ahead of a growing number of malware sites.
  • Inspect or “tunnel” HTTPS by Web site, category, or user ID.
  • Prevent crashes, slowdowns, and information theft.

Employee Web-Use Behavioral Analytics

  • Expose abnormalities in user activity.
  • Identify potential insider threat behavior.
  • Flag possible legal liability issues.
  • Assess trends for data breach exposure.
  • Observe patterns for lost productivity.

Even More CyBlock Cloud Differences

Identify Human Action

Actual user web browsing activity.

Identify Human Action

  • See actual Web browsing activity.
  • All background clutter is removed.
  • Determine user time online.
  • Easily manage human factor.

Policy and Compliance Management

Policy and Compliance Management

  • Ensure the human factor is managed.
  • Enforce Acceptable Use Policy.
  • Verify compliance to CIPA & HIPAA.
  • Continuous improvement process.

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What our customers are saying about CyBlock:

"I have been searching for years for a way to control internet access and to protect my users from hidden dangers, and Wavecrest CyBlock Cloud is the perfect solution. Installation was a breeze and support was fantastic. I highly recommend this product."

–Dave Baker, Johnstone Supply The Petit Group, LA

"CyBlock has helped my company improve productivity from our personnel by 60% since we implemented it's use within our network. This has been an invaluable tool that I'd recommend to anyone in need of filtering and blocking technology! Thank you Wavecrest"!

–Chris Warren The Five Star Institute

"CyBlock has for three years been a vital tool in our efforts to manage some 16,000 users' behaviour on the Web. Excellent functionality coupled with strong reporting capabilities has made our job much easier!"

–Jonas Sultan, AstraZeneca, Sweden

"We are pleased with the CyBlock product. We have been live with it for about 1 month now and find it to be useful for tracking our web usage. Yesterday I saw the activity light on our router flashing furiously so I ran an audit report and found out why by seeing which site(s) a couple of users were accessing."

–Phil Niles, Cottingham and Butler, Iowa

"Even though we have a full T1 at each location, I'd still say the benefit from more bandwidth is worth the cost of the software. I found out that one of my users downloaded a program that was hitting the Internet 9,000 times an hour. Needless to say that program has been removed."

–Roger Lewis, Northwest Bank and Trust, Iowa

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